When deciding on where my next adventure would take me I thought Europe would be the perfect trip because I could fit a couple of countries into one vacation.

I try travel to a different country every year when I get a chance to take a mini break from work. As an architect, I decided to be an architectural nerd and visit the countries that are home to some of the greatest buildings that I learnt and studied about at varsity.

I began my trip in Italy’s capital, Rome. An ancient but metropolitan city where people are pretty, coffee is strong, and cappuccinos are frowned upon if had at any other time besides breakfast, crossing roads is like an extreme sport, taxi rides gets your stomach sickly turned, food is simple and delicious, buildings and the scenery form beautiful backdrops for picturesque photos and countless flavours of gelato are readily available at every corner you take.

The marvel of the architecture, art and history left my mind completely blown as I visited all the main tourist attractions which included The Vatican museums, the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica, the Colosseum, the Roman Forum & Palantine Hill and the Pantheon.

No trip to Rome is complete without making your way to the Trevi Fountain where legend is that if you toss a coin with your right hand over your left shoulder into the water you will return to Rome again. I hope to return to this city one day, so, until then Roma… Ciao!

As sad as it was to leave Roma I was onto my next destination, Barcelona.

The city where I found love!!! … a love for the people, the food & beer, the architecture, the culture and the vibey cityscape.

Being on an architectural vacation and in Barcelona, I had to visit and experience all the incredible masterpieces by architect Antoni Gaudi. Gaudi was a mathematical mastermind that created architecture far beyond his years. If you can see only one building on a visit to Barcelona, then it must be Sagrada Familia. Sagrada Familia Basilica left me in complete awe of this Catalonian architect and I could not be more grateful that I am able to say I have experienced the grandeur of this building.

But no to bore you with more architectural blabber, Barcelona is so rich in culture and the essence that the city resonates is so spectacular that one would need to spend more than the 5 days I did to really see it all.

I would highly recommend visiting Barcelona, then you will understand my deep affection for this city.

I left my heart in Barcelona and hope to return one day soon to fall more in love!

My last stop on this European trip took me back to Italy where I spent a few days soaking up the Tuscan sun and bask in all the Renaissance beauty of Florence. Firenze is a quaint city that is overloaded with art and architecture history. From climbing the infamous Duomo (Basilica Santa Maria Del Fiore) for a 360° view of the city, seeing Michelangelo’s David to spending 3 hours walking about the Uffizi Gallery it could not have been a more fitting end to my trip.

Having explored these three cities, I could not be more inspired to be an architect and have even more respect and admiration for these historical architecture geniuses and their work.

Architecture | food | wine & beer | gelato | sun | shopping | hot Italian & Spanish men … All the elements that sums up my amazing trip!!!!! To Roma, Firenze and Barcelona… Grazie and Muchas Gracias!!!

Xoxo….Jen Law