Okay, you are on a work trip. You wake up in your hotel room looking gorgeous and bright, hair perfectly in place. Your gorgeous, incredibly comfortable lacy satin pajamas still in tack and not at all creased so it’s perfect for a quick stare out of the window photoshoot for Instagram. (Because everything is perfect and you have time for this) Birds are chirping, coffee brewing in your room. This is the dream!

Wake up and smell the no coffee

Reality… I wake up … I smell no coffee, my sexy satin pajamas on the floor because in the middle of the night I eventually could not stand the irritation of one boob in and other out and all the satin and lace wringing my body as I spin anxiously while grinding my teeth all night long. Leg up or leg down too uncomfortable to move… I wake up now, I am desperate for coffee … damn hotel room doesn’t have anything resembling coffee in the room. The birds aren’t chirping. Maybe because they sense my caffeine deprived mood or maybe my morning breath is keeping them at bay.

Plans to get coffee… get dressed and get coffee and leave for a busy day….bad plan because how am I going to get anything done without coffee?


My cousin, who travels for business more days of the week than there actually are, shared this tip. She does not pack pajamas for her business trips. She packs home wear. This way it’s not awkward to go downstairs to grab your coffee and bring it up to your room. Genius! No trying to get into your clothes for the day with no patience and the urgent need for coffee. No stressing because you are late. You can drink your coffee, get ready and do some last minute planning for your day while you turn back into Princess Fiona. Whichever version is the caffeine topped up version of you.


I found the perfect home wear with Lola Lifestyle, South Africa. Not only home wear but play wear and active wear. So you can chill at home or in your hotel with Lola. Wear your active wear for yoga. Or if you are like me for whom active wear has shamefully become my daily uniform, you can wear Lola because it’s so damn classy. You’re dressed comfortably, but still chic. In active wear! Who would have thought?

This versatile brand is going places…

I have already got a few items from the collection. I don’t like buying junk and I am trying to steer towards sustainability and support women and small businesses. Lola Lifestyle fits that description perfectly.

The fabric they use is bamboo. Soft on the skin and friendly on the environment. Namaste! Finally, real yogi friendly active wear that is not made of the almighty hemp that makes your ass itch in the middle of downward facing dog. And then when you come down you have to shuffle your ass on the yoga matt to get rid of the itch. You know you have seen your dog do it. lol you know what I mean.

Not only is it comfortable, but it is gorgeous too. The active wear has different prints and interesting garments that are active wear, but also what you can meet your girls in for lunch kind of wear.. stylish and chic. You can see it here

The home wear also has different styles and there are even some sexy ones for those who still want to pose for the ” staring out of the hotel room window” instagram photo. You can find them here

I chose these bamboo lounge joggers. The drop crop makes moving easy. Whether it’s tossing and turning in my sleep, moving to the hotel lobby for coffee or just Netflix and chill at home.

I’m becoming a complete Lola addict

I also have Lola leggings which are now my travel go to. Honestly I have been so jealous of the young crowd not giving a shit and flying in their leggings. But they fit so poorly and are poorly made They might look good on a 16 year old with her cutie sneakers and matching airplane pillow. But on me it would look terribly unprofessional, not feminine and not chic. But with my Lola lifestyle wear I now fly in chic comfort.

Check out the website. They are a new company, but their garments get sold out freakishly quickly. You can follow them on instagram. And contact them for international shipping rates.